Why is newgrounds so CRUEL

2009-04-27 19:49:41 by KeniKitty

seriously i cant beleive they rated "This is Crap( Dont Watch )" A 0 I MEAN ITS AWESOME!

Why is newgrounds so CRUEL


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2009-04-27 19:53:11

It's because YOU exist.


2009-05-07 21:54:11

Dont let them make you feel blue :) I liked you frenchie comment in Come Home ( you can't imagine how much i like thet song %u266A ) So i'm coming to say hello :P and i sencerely dont understand what your post refers to (the one here, 2 comments over mine, with the picture of the cruel green eyed guy :P

Is he symbolizing all the cruel green eyed people in the world?? If so, you need another for the blue eyed people, who are really mean too xD Never heard of the blue eyes mean dragon? it was redundant, it was like saying "the mean mean dragon", so they changed the second 'mean' for a colour, which was hard to pronounce, so they said "ok, let's keep it a blank", and as the sheet of paper the script was written on was white, the guy who read it said "white" and so that's the story of the blue eyed white dragon!

And personally i'm not Newgrounds, and i'm pretty sure the other guy isn't too, but i'm naxo and i'm not mean :) and i hope you can kill some day all the people who were cruel with you, and make your utopic world come true :)

If not, you could kill just some random guys to let them know you are there xD and they could be next, so they will stop doing bad things :P

I wonder where you got your image... I like its hair xd

:) i hope you read this, because i put a lot of effort on writing this :P to show you that even though there are evil people (like DJ-nate, who answers all the comments but mines), there are also good people who comes around your profile and says hello :P



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