Oh Gawd Not Again!

2009-04-22 17:45:27 by KeniKitty

Seriously There are so many hackers these days they totally hack my Hotmail account I BLAMING NEWGROUNDS because everything was fun until i joined newgrounds and no i did not download ANYTHING these Day! i only went on newgrounds must've been some virused flash DAMNIT! if you think im lying just check it out for yourself add pop0-0@hotmail.com and you will get a virus i advise you not to go or add me GAWD DAMNIT! anyways.....Here is teh new new new!!! ok i know this is the biggest most awesome thing that is not on newgrounds so yea.....

Oh Gawd Not Again!


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2009-04-22 20:31:28

A flash can't give you a virus. Flash does not work that way. If someone wanted to fuck your computer up with flash, they'd crash your machine by auto-spawning shit.

Now, a flash could direct you to a website that has a virus on it, but unless you're using the most god-awful browser ever, you'd still have to agree to download it. And anyone who downloads unknown .exe's is a moron and deserves what they get.

Use good passwords and you won't have problems.